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You bring your skill and expertise as an implant or cosmetic dentist. We bring our experience and knowledge of both marketing and the dental industry. Together, we can grow your practice.

Your Dental Marketing Team

Funneling leads to youOur parent company KathodeRay Media started marketing for dental practices by assisting Taconic Dental in 2013 with basic marketing materials – you guessed it: a logo and a website. We helped them out a little here and there until…

…in 2017, we began working with Teeth Tomorrow® full-arch Preferred Provider Network. Teeth Tomorrow is based in the United States and helps dentists expand their full-arch restoration services through marketing, training and systems support.

As a result of working with Teeth Tomorrow and their Network Members on a regular basis… we discovered:

  1. To Grow, Dental Practices need to stand out. Having a stream of new patients, helps you deliver the quality of care you desire. Plus, with the hassles of dental insurance – if you want to also have a good quality of life for both you and your team – elective dental procedures are key to making that happen.
  2. There are a lot of dental marketing companies out there. Many are really great. There is a lot of competition to serve dental practitioners, and that gives you a lot of choices. However, having many choices can make it confusing to decide which company and marketing product is right for your practice.
  3. Advertising mistakes add up and end up being quite costly. Not only in the amount of money that you spent on a campaign that didn’t work, but when you add in the amount of wasted time your staff spent handling the wrong types of calls, that makes ineffective marketing even more expensive.
  4. Knowledge is powerful. We have learned about how full-arch dental implants are made and customized to each individual through our work with Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab. We don’t only keep up on marketing trends – we learn all we can about the elective procedures you provide to your patients. This helps us create easy-to-understand messaging while balancing your business concerns.

With this insight, we developed the New Smile Sales Engine. It is a comprehensive all-in-one program that makes it clear what you need in-house to succeed. You need a Treatment Coordinator and processes in place to successfully treat patients with elective dental procedures. We provide advertising, digital marketing tools, and a lead tracking system. This pairing helps both of our teams see what is successful for your practice and allows time for us to communicate so we can modify and fine-tune your advertising message to prospective patients – ultimately delivering quality patient leads.

We wish you success in your search and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our product or experience. We also have a page of Additional Resources to help you.

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