Why Call Tracking for Dentists is Important for Attracting New Patients

Call Tracking for Dentists and their dental practice is becoming increasingly important. Does your dental practice know how new patients found your practice? Do you know if they are having a good experience with your reception staff and are turning into patients? How do new patients find your practice?

Call tracking has been a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes including car dealerships, plumbers, electricians, home security and even health practices that require HIPAA compliance. It is a valuable resource when you have someone on your team monitoring the calls, analyzing how the call could be better and measuring the success of the phone calls, by seeing if the caller becomes a long-time patient. When you have someone focused on the quality of your calls you can improve the way your office team handles new patient inquiries.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking works by assigning a phone number to each unique online or offline marketing campaign. For instance, by using a certain phone number on your website, you can easily track the patients who called your office after viewing your website. The recommended practice is to track all calls by assigning different numbers to different campaigns or platforms. If you fully take advantage of call tracking, you will be able to track successes to specific campaigns or platforms that will help you make important marketing decisions more easily.

Is Call Tracking for Dentists New? How does it Work?

Before the internet, advertisers would add different phone numbers on billboards, radio and tv ads to see which number the customer called from. The advertiser would then know which ads and advertising methods were working. A successful sale is called a “conversion.”

Now, conversions can be tracked numerous ways, especially if the advertisement is online. But by adding Call Tracking you can learn not only what advertisement or advertising source is working. You can also learn how your team is responding to these calls, and what the potential patient is looking for because each call is recorded and easily accessible from a dashboard that you login to.

With most Call Tracking platforms, you are allocated a certain amount of phone numbers based on your chosen plan. All of these numbers lead directly to your office number without a third party call center. You can choose numbers that have your local exchange or region, as well as toll free numbers. If you have ever called a business and they prefaced the call with “This call may be recorded for quality assurance,” you have called a business using Call Tracking software.

What are the Benefits of Call Tracking for Dentists and their Office?

There are many benefits to using a call tracking system with allocated phone numbers.

1. Discover Which Ads are Working Where

Using different phone numbers for each ad or place the ad is seen will give you the ability to understand what advertising appealed to your prospective patient and where they saw that ad. Knowing how many people were first interested and called after seeing a particular ad and then digging into if callers “converted” into patients is very helpful when you are deciding where to place your ads and what messages are working to attract the patients you want.

2. Call Listening

Listening to call your calls is very important. You can learn what new patients are most interested in. For instance, if you have a high volume of callers who chipped a tooth, and you found these patients often turned into great single implant patients it would be beneficial to roll-out marketing campaigns that talk about the benefits of replacing or repairing a chipped or broken tooth.

Listening to the calls received through your call tracking program is useful for new or current office managers or front desk attendants. Providing helpful constructive feedback after listening to calls to your office, your entire team can create a more friendly experience for all of your patients.

3. Evaluating Your Patient Leads

The final step is evaluating your leads to make sure the calls are turning into appointments, and those appointments are turning into new patients for your practice. Sometimes you may find that a campaign generates a lot of call, but the prospect cancels or even worse – doesn’t show up at all. If that happens take another look at what you are saying in the ad. Can the person who saw the ad, afford the procedure you are advertising? Change the ad copy, or who the ad is being seen by. If you are using a digital ad on a platform like Facebook, there is a lot of flexibility of who specifically can see your ads including age range, income, interests and more.

Call Tracking helps your dental practice know how effect your advertising is, where your advertising budget should be allocated, and what improvements should be made. Implement a call tracking system today to help you understand where your invaluable patient leads are coming from.


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