How much does it cost? And what do I get?

Marketing is an investment. But that investment needs to be defined and monitored to determine your marketing ROI. We are committed to helping you find the right balance that will bring your practice the best results from your marketing spend.

Start-Up Cost: $2,000
Ongoing Cost: $3,750 per month (includes ad spend) WHAT YOU GET:

Customized Ad Creative and Sales Engine

Your personalized Sales Engine includes patient attraction pages with a lead tracking system for your Treatment Coordinator to keep track of new patient requests.

Customization includes your practice’s logo, color scheme, and messaging points, ensuring your brand’s voice is reflected in your program.


Your Marketing Account Representative will have a thirty-minute consultation, twice a month with your Treatment Coordinator.

It is important that we can consistently communicate with your Treatment Coordinator to ensure your practice is getting the right patient leads.

Monthly Reporting

You will receive a monthly report of the efficacy of your ads and leads.

Advertising is paid directly by your credit card, in an account that can be reviewed directly by your team. (Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram)

Ads are adjusted on a weekly basis to attract the best prospects for your practice.

Dedicated Phone Numbers

You will have dedicated phone numbers with call tracking and recording for quality assurance purposes.

All calls get directed to the Treatment Coordinator at your practice.


We ask that we have three months from the start of your ads running, to make sure the right mix of prospects calling, appointing and becoming quality patients.

Building Success

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